On-demand Webinar: A.I. Powered Legal Spend Management

Every organization has a Legal Spend Management system, regardless of whether or not they realize it. The strength of this system, including the visibility it creates, influences the legal team’s productivity, ability to control costs, partnership with finance, and how they partner with external counsel. 

In this pre-recorded webinar, we’ll dive into how Brightflag’s A.I. helps in-house legal teams like Uber, Accuweather, and Toll:

  • Automate legal invoice review;
  • Automatically enforce billing guidelines;
  • Accurately track accruals and budget adherence;
  • Improve legal spend reporting;
  • Build better relationships with law firms thanks to faster e-billing and better data.

About the host

Adam Moursy

Adam Moursy is Brightflag's expert Solutions Consultant. After previously obtaining a Bachelor's of Law degree Adam now works with Brightflag's global customer base to improve their legal operations processes and technology.

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